Radio mounted to left to provide space for mic storage
Power and Mic cord
Protect and
Organize your

(Icom IC-2100H)
Bail lifts the front
of the radio 2.5 inches
for easy viewing & operation
Universal mounting and
ventilation slots. NO Holes
to drill!  Just align bracket
holes and carrier slots
Radio mounted
with bracket
bolted to Carrier
Web straps mount radios and accessories WITHOUT hardware.(Yaesu FT-817, LDG Z-11)
Side panels extend
to accept stacked units in one TRC-1
Rubber feet on the bottom of one TRC-1 fit into the holes on the top of the other TRC-1
Carriers are designed to stack one on top of another
Icom IC-7000
Icom IC-7000 &
LDG Z-11 Pro in
one TRC-1
Icom IC-7000 &
12V, 25A Power Supply
in two TRC-1 Stacked
2 Meter Radio &
Packet TNC in
one TRC-1
FAQ for TRC-1
Dimensions of TRC-1
(Click on photos to enlarge)
w The Tactical Radio Carrier (TRC-1) allows you to protect, organize, transport and use your radio and accessories.

w Mount your radio in the carrier with the supplied machine screws and nuts or with optional web strapping.

w Keep the radio, microphone, and power cable packed, ready for deployment.

w Convenient table-top, car hood, operation with tilt bail and stacking of multiple radios and/or power supplies.

w Mount radio & tuner or radio & power supply or radio & TNC in one TRC-1
Complete Radio
Package Ready-
Yaesu FT-817 with
LDG Z-11 Tuner and
MP-1 Antenna
Sides collapsed
Sides extended
TRC-1 with 12VDC 18 Amp hour battery,"strapped in", for portable power supply.  Easily stacked on top of TRC-1 with an AC power supply or under any TRC-1 with a radio
TRC-1 with12VDC,
25Amp AC Power Supply
Bendix King
commercial radio
Icom UHF
commercial radio
Who is Tac-Comm?

w Finish off your TRC-1 with a 0.060 thick steel top cover plate.  The steel will accept speakers and lights with magnetic bases. Top off your stack with a Top Cover

w Strategically placed slots provide for ventilation, sound from speakers and access for web straps for fastening accessories.

w Eight matching (black pan head) screws are provided with the cover.

w The fold down tilt stand will not stack on top of a cover plate.  The stand extends down below the rim of the carrier on which it is set.  If desired, the stand can be easily removed by removing four screws. The rubber feet will nest and fully engage when the cover plate is installed with the nuts facing up.

w PLEASE NOTE - Very early versions of the TRC-1 do not have the four holes along the top surface of the extendable sides required to fasten the cover plate. Please check your units(s) before ordering a top cover.  The user can easily drill holes if desired.
TRC-1 with sides collapsed w/Optional Top Cover
TRC-1 with sides fully extended w/Optional Top Cover
TRC-1 w/Optional Top Cover and Icom IC-2100H
Close up of cover showing the 6-32 PEM nuts
TRC-1 with Top Cover stacked on a second TRC-1 without a Top Cover (front view). Also TVM-2 Voltmeter
TRC-1 with Top Cover stacked on a second TRC-1 without a Top Cover (top view)
Optional Top Cover
Download TRC-1 (7.5M) Powerpoint Presentation
2017 - NEW TRC-2
 for Larger Radios 
Click Here for Details
QST Product Review
Click Here for Details
w Dimensions (Internal) HWD 4.8 x 7.5 x 10.5 Inches. Click here for dimensioned drawing.
Optional Top Cover
w Finally a way to keep HTs in an upright positon for ease of viewing and preventing the HT from being knocked over (their default position).  Securely held in place allowing single handed operation of volume and frequency controls. It will even keep the HT in place when using a speaker/microphone.

w Optional dual purpose HT holder/Front cover bracket. Designed to serve as a Front cover during transport to protect the radio and then easily re-positioned to hold HTs and other radios while operational.

w The bracket is held in place by the same screws used to fasten the optional top cover plate to the sides of the TRC-1 carrier. A slotted hole arrangement provides for easy attachment. A philips screwdriver loosens the screws to allow re-positioning of the bracket

w HT belt clips slip easily over the vertical portion of the bracket to provide secure mounting.

w Can also be used to hold pens, pencils and post-it notes.
Is this the worlds most expensive HT Holder?
Maybe.....if that is all you use it for, but if you mount mobile radio(s) and/or tuner, TNC, power supply in the TRC-1 carrier to protect, organize and package your investment and make it more convienent to deploy and operate then just maybe it's a bargin.
TRC-1 Radio Carrier
Includes adjustable sides, handle, tilt bail stand
Optional TCP-1 Top Cover Plate
Optional HTH-1 HT Holder/Front Cover
TRC-1 Carrier w/optional top cover plate and HT/front cover bracket
HT holder/cover plate in HT position
HT holder/cover plate in cover position
HTH-1 Bracket (unmounted)
Close up hole/slot mounting
HTH-1 mounted as front cover
HTH-1 Mounted as HT holder
Loosen philips screws slide off and position HTH-1 bracket