About Us
Who is Tac-Comm?

Tac-Comm was founded by two communicators with a combined experience of over 50 years in on-the-scene, talk-to-any-agency, get-it-running-now communications.

Been there, done it, bought the "T" shirt.
Involvement with landslides, forest fires, floods, blackouts, manhunts for escaped convicts, downed aircraft, overdue boats, large scale Search and Rescue events involving hundreds of professionals and volunteers, have all contributed to the experience of the Tac-Comm professionals.

We have set up and operated from tailgates, vehicle hoods, emergency vehicles, tents, EOCs, mobile command posts, and hospitals just to name a few situations.

Need for Inter operability
We have provided communications between city, county, state, and federal agencies, commercial contractors, relief organizations, law enforcement, fire, public works, and volunteer groups.  We have long recognized the need for inter operability between all involved participants.

Each and every incident was unique with a different mix of involved agencies and operational requirements.  Incident Commanders with their own unique styles and preferences all contributed to a wide and diverse experience base.  The one constant was the need for all participants to be able to communicate with each other.

Born out of Necessity
Out of this experience came the first product in the Tac-Comm product line, the TRC-1 Tactical Radio Carrier.   We recognized the need to have a radio available where the action is.  The TRC-1 allows a radio to be set up in just about any location. Connect and antenna and power supply and you are on the air. 

Need a portable power supply?  Strap an 18 Amp hour gel cell style battery in a TRC-1 for a companion power supply.  Just like a fire truck has a small water tank on board for use until the hydrant gets hooked up the portable battery will get you going in the critical first hour of  operation.  And since the TRC-1s are stackable just place radio on top the battery thus freeing up operating space.

Packaged for convenience , operating ease, and protection
We had multiple radios that could talk to the different agencies that we supported.  These radios were housed in TRC-1s.  The TRC-1s kept the radios and associated parts organized in one place.  Ready to grab and go. Power and microphone cables were all permanently attached to the TRC-1 preventing casual "borrowing" or loss.  Frequency lists and channel plans along with simplified operating instructions were "tucked" between the bottom of each radio and the TRC-1.  The tilt-bail of the TRC-1 placed the front of the radio at a good viewing and operating angle.

The TRC-1s allowed multiple radios and power supplies, to be quickly and efficiently set up at just about any location.  TRC-1s can be placed close together to consolidate the operating position or spread apart to accommodate multiple operators.

Tactical Carriers, a different approach to deployment
There have been many approaches to "packaging" radios for emergency operations.  Many of them center around building a small portable custom-built box containing multiple radios all wired and ready to go.  That leaves you with one resource.  Using TRC-1s to package each radio individually allows the radios to be deployed together or to individual locations.  Instead of packaging the basket that contains the eggs, we package each egg for greater flexibility.

Four TRC-1s fit very nicely into a Rubbermaid, Roughneck container.  Toss in some mag mount antennas and/or some 25 ft lengths of coax and couple of ground plane antennas and you are good to go.
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