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Tactical Radio Carrier FAQ (TAC FAQ)

Q - What is a Tactical Radio Carrier?
The Tactical Radio Carrier is an universally adjustable aluminum carrier designed to hold, organize, protect and adapt a mobile radio to portable use in tactical operations.  The TRC-1 allows single or multiple radios to be quickly and efficiently deployed and set up for impromptu operations. The TRC-1 is ideal for EOCs, mobile command posts, table or car hood operations.

TRC-1s have rubber feet that allow stacking and locking of one carrier on top of another.  This allows multiple radios to be placed in a small operating area thus allowing one operator to monitor multiple radios.

The adjustable sides of the TAC-1 can accomodate radios of different heights, and can be extended to accept a radio and a TNC or other device in a single carrier.

TRC-1s can be used to house AC power supplies for use in an EOC or 12 VDC rechargeable batterys for in-the-field operations.  A TRC-1 housing a radio can easily be stacked on top of another TRC-1 housing a power supply.

Q. - What makes the Carrier Universal?
A. - The adjustable sides and the unique pattern of slots in the bottom of the Carrier that allow the radio mounting bracket to attached with screws without necessitating any drilling of holes on the users part.

Q. - What are the benefits of using the Tactical Carrier?
A. - First of all it keeps all of the items asociated with that radio in one place.  The microphone cord for the radio should fastened to carrier with a cable tie.  The power cord should likewise be fastened.  If a packet TNC is used its' radio/TNC cable should be attached.  The TNC would be mounted or strapped to the radio.  This works very well for radios that are used in response kits or comm vans or installed at an operations center.  Don't forget to cable tie several spare power fuses for the radio to the Carrier and to slide an abbreviated manual between the bottom of the radio and the Carrier.

Q. - How large a device will it accept?
A. - The inside of the carrier is 10.5 inches (266mm) long and 7.5 inches (190mm) wide.
The height is adjustable from 2.6 inches (66mm) up to 4.8 inches(122 mm). A certain amount of clearance is needed on sides for either bracket mounting screws or web strap.

Q.- Can I use it to package and protect other devices?
A.- Yes, the carrier can be used to package and protect Gel cell batteries along with a battery charger for a complete portable emergency power supply.  They have also been used to house 13.8 Volt, 20 Amp switching power supplies.

Strap a Packet Terminal Node controller on top of a two meter transceiver.  Connect their power cords together.  Permanently fasten a TNC to computer cable to the carrier with a cable tie.

Q. - Will I need to drill any holes in order to fasten the radio to the Carrier?
A. - Boy, we sure hope not!  We made the bottom of the Carrier look like Swiss chesse in hopes that you could find a fit without drilling any additional holes.  The way to check the fit before buying is to download the PDF drawing of the Carrier bottom.  Print it out and lay your radio and/or mounting bracket on the paper.  In order to get a 1 to 1 print of the carrier, make certain that any print option that fits the drawing to paper is disabled.

Q. - How are radios fastened to the carrier?
A. - There are two methods commonly employed.  The mounting backet supplied with the radio is fastened to the carrier using the supplied 10-32 machine screws and nuts with non-slip nylon inserts.  The optional web stap kit may be used to compression strap the radio to the carrier.  The four supplied rubber feet are mounted on the bottom of the device at its four corners.  The straps are passed over over the radio and through the universal slots and across the outside bottom of the carrier.  The strap is tightened, compressing the four rubber feet and securing the radio in position.  The strap method is very secure and very easy to implement.

Q.- What material comprises the carrier?
A. - The Carrier is constructed of 0.090 thick aluminum with captive hardware. The Carrier is professionally finished with a durable black powder coat.

Q. - What comes with the carrier?
A. - The main "U" chassis and two "L" style adjustable side panels.  A tilt-bail that elevates the front of the TRC-1 by 2.5 inches (63mm).  Four screws that hold the side panels to the "U" chassis.   A tubular webbing carrying handle. Four screws, eight washers and four nuts with locking nylon inserts to secure the radio mounting bracket (supplied by the radio manufacturer) to the Carrier.

Q. - What about Product Availability and Shipping?
A. -Typically we ship within two working days after we receive the order.  If the delay to ship is greater than 3 days we notify the customer.  We ship USPS Priority Mail which advertises 2 to 3 day delivery.

Q. - What options are available?
A. - 24 inch long (588mm) web straps with plastic stay-loc fastener. 

Q. - Can I stack Carriers on top of one another?
A. - Yes! The rubber feet on the bottom of one Carrier align with, and fit, into the holes on the top lip of the other carrier.  Gravity does the rest.  You could use two of the adjustable web straps to hold them together during transport if desired.

Q. - What happens when I upgrade to a new radio?
Easy, just unbolt or unstrap the old radio and bolt/strap in the new one. Remember the universal slots on the bottom of the Carrier make it easy to attach any radio without drilling.

Q. - What colors are available?
A. - Any color you want as long as it is black.  Seriously, other colors are available on a large quantity, special order, basis.  Since the unit is already painted it would be very easy to spay paint it another color prior to installing a device in the carrier.